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What to Expect at Impact 2019

No matter where you are on your relevance journey, Coveo Impact will help you move forward. From inspiring keynotes to practical workshops, go home with the skills and inspiration to bring your ideas to life.


The need for relevance has never been greater, and at Coveo Impact 2019, you’re going to learn how to do even more with Coveo. It’s time to take your relevance to the next level.

“Overall, one of the best conferences I’ve attended. The Coveo folks, their partners and my peers were all exceptional! Can’t wait to return next year.”
Coveo Impact 2018 attendee
“I thought the size of the event lended itself to intimacy. You were able to get to know the community. I felt a family vibe at the event. “
Coveo Impact 2018 attendee
“Great event! Well organized. Whole team and conference shared unison. Great brand!”
Coveo Impact 2018 attendee
“Sessions were bursting a full of innovation and of course, though this is an expected outcome from every conference out there, only few can actually portray it right. Coveo did it and I could not have asked for more.”
Deepthi Katta, Sitecore MVP and Coveo Impact 2018 attendee

Be Inspired By
What You Can Do

Learn how you can use Coveo to enrich every experience – and how you can extend your investments to other areas of your business.

Mark Floisand speech

Where are you in your relevance journey?

Assess your relevance maturity with the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model.™ At Coveo Impact 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to identify where you are in your relevance journey, where you need to go and how you’ll get there.