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What to Expect

We’ll kick off the day bright and early with breakfast and your challenge. You’ll spend the day spinning up your best and most creative code, supported by our Coveo experts. We’ll provide you with the rocket fuel you need to keep going, and then showcase and celebrate your results at the end of the day. Plus you’ll take home both bragging rights and a special gift just for participating.

Who Should Join?

Developers, solution architects and anyone else who loves to code!

What You'll Need

Your laptop, programming knowledge, experience with Coveo, and your creativity.

What You'll Do

Put your coding skills to the test by huddling with our R&D team to solve a challenge and deliver a cool and innovative use case for Coveo.

The Challenge

It’s a surprise! Like all good hackathons, the fun lies in racing against the clock to showcase your best work with no advance planning.

Purchase Tickets

Your Hackathon ticket is free with your registration to Impact. Just add both tickets and checkout.